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About Fishman Chiropractic & Massage

Fishman Chiropractic & Massage enriches the community through holistic chiropractic care. Our mission is to provide care that helps you recover effectively.

Our team has served patients with injuries and rehabilitation needs since 1989. Through education and a focus on patient-chiropractor relationships, you will receive care that's tailored to your health. Fishman Chiropractic & Massage stays ahead with high-end pain management technology and methods.

Dr. Robb Fishman

Palmer Grad

"Open 7 days a week
because pain doesn't take a day off"

Hi, I am Dr. Robb Evan Fishman and I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1989. I began my career based on a traumatic, disabling car accident that affected my spine. I tried the conventional medical route with orthopedic surgeons and neurologists. Finally I went to Dr. Conrad Matz, a local legend in the chiropractic field. The results impressed me so much that I dropped my art major immediately and began taking my pre-requisites for chiropractic college. Chiropractic care is my passion. I truly love helping people with muscle and skeletal problems.

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